Cosmetic Dentistry

We at Drs. Montgomery & Kiriak, APC  pride ourselves in providing top notch dental treatments both traditional and cosmetic using the most advanced toolsand  experienced cosmetic dentists. There is a considerable difference between traditional and cosmetic dentistry. It is important not to confuse the both. While traditional dentistry primarily aims to prevent and treat various oral illnesses, cosmetic dentistry aims at fixing or improving your oral appearance as in your teeth, smile and mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry is also known as dental restoration, while traditional dentistry involves immediate medical treatment to cure oral diseases; cosmetic procedures provide treatments upon the desire of a patient.

Restorative Advantages

Cosmetic oral treatments also have restorative advantages. For instance, for a decaying tooth the most common procedure is a dental filling. But in previous years dental fillings involved the use of gold amalgam and other components which left unpleasant dark spots on the tooth.

Marvels of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Today dental fillings are considered as cosmetic treatment. This is because you can choose different filling made of composite materials such as porcelain. These materials are made up of substances that can match your natural teeth coloring, helping you preserve your natural smile. Nowadays, there are many people who visit a cosmetic dentist  to replace their older dental fillings with modern tooth colored fillings to restore their natural smile.

Different Trends in Oral Cosmetology Treatment

Thanks to extraordinary technological advances pertaining to natural colored tooth filling substances, durability in treatment is guaranteed. At Drs. Montgomery & Kiriak, APC our specialists in cosmetic oral procedure apply techniques that help maintain your natural tooth structure.

We employ the use of highly sophisticated laser technology to perform oral procedures at our dental practice in Mission Viejo, Ca without having to refer you to any other specialist. This in turn make cosmetic oral treatments such as ‘smile makeovers’ easy and enjoyable for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

At Drs. Montgomery & Kiriak, APC there are no dental treatment plans and procedures that we don’t offer. We provide all treatments with utmost precision, quality and dexterity. Above all, we treat you as you are one of our own. Below are some of the most common treatments which are in use in the dental industry today:


These long lasting yet aesthetically pleasing indirect dental fillings primarily made of porcelain or other composite materials. Inlays and onlays are provided for patients suffering from tooth decay or any other structural damage. Traditional fillings are molded in your teeth there & then when you visit a dental clinic. Inlays have to be prepared in advance in a laboratory before being placed and fitted into place by our specialist dentists.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding procedures are used to repair broken, discolored, badly chipped and decaying teeth. Dental composite bonding involves the use of an enamel like substance and dentin which is applied on the patient’s cavity or on top of the tooth’s surface. After its application our dentists shape, sculpt and harden the substance into place. The results are extremely impressive as the restoration matches the patient tooth structure and restores that beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening

A very popular procedure, teeth whitening is applied on discolored teeth strained from smoking, drinking (coffee, fizzy drink or alcoholic beverages) or a bad oral hygiene. Bleaching is used to bring the natural color back to your teeth.

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Dental Implants

Many people owe their oral relief and other oral health problem to dental implants. It is without a doubt that dental implants have greatly enhanced the quality of life of many people suffering from various oral health disorders. At Drs. Montgomery & Kiriak, APC Dentistrywe have dedicated our resources in the procurement and maintenance of your oral health and your quality of life. Here are some of the pros and cons of having dental implants.


  • Secured bonding of implant, means no slipping or moving
  • Low maintenance
  • Very durable, long lasting and in some cases a permanent answer
  • Natural functioning and look of implant
  • Implant servers to also preserver the bone
  • Helps prevent gum and bone deterioration
  • Potential for local infections including bacterial endocarditis
  • Adjacent nerve damage if the implant is not positioned correctly
  • Blood vessel damage causing bruising and hemorrhage
  • Perforation of maxillary sinuses in the cheeks or the floor of the nose
  • Temporary swelling and bruising of your gums and face after implant
  • Possible persistent pain in the implant location
  • Chronic inflammation of the gum surrounding the implant known as hyperplasia
  • Local bone loss leading to the removal of the implant
  • A bit more costly

Cons (basically potential risks associated with dental implants)

Dentures or Implants; Which is More Suitable for You?

Dentures are for you if you are missing some teeth due to decay, wear & tear or a periodontal disease. Created from cast mental, acrylic, a plastic base and porcelain, dentures add to the natural look. A small percentage of individuals who had dentures complained about certain clicking when chewing food. This could be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

As you age your jaw structure is subjected to certain change which would require you to get your dentures realigned. Oral hygiene is also necessary to keep your dentures from wearing down.

Dental implants are a different story. Implants are durable, long lasting and consist of materials such as titanium and metals fully compatible with the human body. Plus there is slim chance of the implant moving or make any sounds since they are drilled into place inside the jaw. Implant prostheses are very stable and fit in like the rest of the teeth are.

At the end of the day, we leave the choice between denture and implants to our patients as the choice is personal. However, as competent and helpful professionals, we explain you the pros and cons of both.


Invisalign is also falls into the category of cosmetic dentistry. It is made of  of  nearly invisible aligners instead of braces to straighten your teeth. The aligners are of course removable. Each aligner has to be replaced every two weeks because your teeth will move slowly but gradually moving towards the position Invisalign was designed for.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are also known as porcelain veneers and/or dental porcelain laminates. These are very thin customized tooth shells (having the original color) designed to cover the front of the teeth to improve visual appearance. Dental veneers are fixed into place on the front teeth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is also another cosmetic procedure made out of tooth-colored resin components which is hardened using a special light. The light hardens and eventually bonds the tooth colored resin substance to the teeth. We improve smiles with cosmetic dentistry for a living, and have grown exceedingly efficient at it. Feel free to call us or drop by our Dentistry in Mission Viejo, California for more information.