Family Dentistry

At Drs. Montgomery & Kiriak, APC we provide our valuable clients with first-rate dental services using state-of-the-art technology in providing complex modern dentistry, Zoom teeth whitening, Invisalign, full porcelain crown and a number of other clinical dental services that can turn your shy smile into a confident burst of vitality and oral health. Read on to view a detailed description of the kind of services we provide.

Comprehensive Dental Exam & Cleaning:

At the clinical office of Drs. Montgomery & Kiriak, APC, your preliminary dental exam and cleaning will take about an hour at maximum. At our comforting clinical office which will make you feel right at home, we make sure that everything is done to ensure your comfort. Our doctors are very thorough in procedures to avoid any type of inconveniences or mishaps on our part. Building lasting relationships takes time and so does evaluating your current dental status.

To achieve a perfect understanding of your dental status your first complete dental assessment will consist of the following;

  • Review of medical and dental history with blood pressure screening
  • X-rays to determine current dental status
  • Gum examining – known as periodontal examination
  • Examination of teeth
  • Bite and TMJ evaluation
  • Photographic survey

Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Keeping your mouth healthy is important for your overall health and there are plenty of ways you can maintain your oral hygiene. A professional dentist will offer you good advice on how to regularly maintain your oral hygiene in several different ways. Here are some universal ways to improve your oral hygiene:

  • Brushing your teeth daily after getting up and before going to bed.
  • Flossing after eating meaty foods before you go to bed.
  • Using mouthwash a couple of times day.
  • You should also gently brush your gums to avoid any sort of infection.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic oral devices that are fixed into position over existing teeth implants. Crown and bridges cannot be moved or taken out like dentures, and only a cosmetic dentist can remove them.

A crown acts as a shield over damaged or bad teeth. Crowns aid in the strengthening of teeth that are too badly damaged. Dental crowns can be molded into different shapes or sizes depending on the tooth to enhance the tooth’s appearance, shape or placement. A family dentist will only recommend a crown in these circumstances:

  • Replacement of tooth filing when there is not enough of the tooth left
  • To protect bad/weak teeth or tooth from fracturing
  • For aiding in the repair of a fractured tooth
  • To attach a dental bridge
  • To cover an implant
  • To cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth
  • To cover a tooth which has undergone root canal treatment

Dental Sealants

It has been proven that a dental sealant procedure is the safest and most effective procedure to cure oral illnesses in people susceptible to cavities.  A professional dentist can very easily and quickly administer dental sealants. Each tooth takes about a minute and a half to be sealed up. Your family dentist in Mission Viejo, Ca will begin by cleaning the teeth that need to be sealed. This may require certain dentistry tools such as a drill so that the grooves in the teeth can be opened. The doctor will then check to see if there is any decay in the tooth.

After that, the doctor will apply an acid solution on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to graze them, which will stick the sealant on the acid solution. After the tooth is grazed the doctor will apply the sealant solution onto the tooth, the sealant bonds with the solution and is then left to harden in place. To speed up the hardening process the doctor may also use a curling light that heats and hardens the sealants quickly.

The total treatment time for applying sealants on the entire tooth structure takes about 45 minutes. It could be less if the number of teeth is reduced. Moreover, the procedure is painless.

Dental Fillings

The filling procedure is best for recovering and restoring the damage done to the tooth by decay. Depending on the extent of the decay, the dentist cleans the entire tooth removing the decay. After cleansing the tooth he/she will then apply the filling in the cavity so that your tooth starts to function normally and retain its original shape.

dental filling is used to seal of any gaps in the tooth which may give an easy access to bacteria, the filling seals those gaps and prevents any more decay. There are several materials that are used as fillings by dentists. There are several fillings that you can choose from when opting for the treatment, here are the details regarding most of them:

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are developed in dental laboratories and are used as fillings to treat cavities and tooth, the gold filling is cemented into place and then hardened. Gold inlays suit gum tissues and depending on the treatment and maintenance they may last up to 20 years. For its durability many dentists consider gold filling to be the best, but it may be a pricey consideration.

Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

Amalgam fillings are durable and less pricey. However, amalgam fillings are dark and are more noticeable then other filling materials.

Composite (Plastic) Fillings

Composite fillings are made to precisely match the color of your teeth. This gives a natural look and feel as compared to gold or amalgam fillings. However, this filling may not be suitable for a large scale teeth filling procedure.

Porcelain Fillings

These fillings are also manufacture in the dental laboratory in order to match the color of your teeth. The solution is then bonded over the cavity. This procedure is also a bit pricey but it is just as effective as gold fillings.

Often when the decay deals considerable damage to the tooth then instead of the filling the dentist will suggest a tooth extraction treatment or a more surgical procedure such as root canal.

If you seek the services of a local dentist in Mission Viejo feel free to give us a call and book an appointment with us. You can also contact us to learn more about dental filling and sealant procedures and the best treatment plan.